1/2″ Plastic Water Solenoid Valve 12V


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1 in stock

Voltage: 12 v DC
Electricity: 250mA
Pressure: 0.02-0.8Mpa
Temperature range: 0 ~ 80 ?C
Valve type: diaphragm (serviced by Servo)
Operating mode: normally closed
Inlet and outlet: barbs hose for 1/2 “(outside diameter) hose
Resistant to abrasion and high temperature resistance.
Durable, practical and stable.
It is suitable for use in water and low viscosity application fluid.

1)Before installing, please clean the pipeline, clear away the impurities.

2)If the water is supplied from the water tower, please select adapted hydraulic solenoid valves, to avoid? the solenoid valve failing the feed of water or small water flux.

3)Check whether the marked voltage of solenoid valve is consistent with the output voltage of control power, and examine whether the filter screen or each part of valve body is perfect. Make sure the direction of water flow is identical with the arrow direction of solenoid valve.

4)Install the valve indoors where can take convenience for the maintenance and prevent any other losses, pay attention to preventing being frozen and solarized, otherwise, the valve block will be cracking, aging and shorten life, The coils should be upward in installing.

5)Never use the spanner to operate the coils and plastic parts, keep the pipelines of couplings at the both ends of solenoid valve in the same horizontal, never install forcefully when two couplings are malposition, to guarantee the solenoid valve should be perfect in installing; in addition, make sure the installed solenoid valve should be free from the twisting force induced from the malposition of pipelines.

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